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Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Amy Childs

I’ve been trying to figure out what it means to be human for as long as I can remember.  I’ve had my share of fun, insights and heartbreak along the way, and when some of that stuff makes its way out of my mouth and into a microphone, I call it a podcast.

Thanks for joining me on the crazy ride – I appreciate the company.




In early episodes, I was joined by my “podwife” Kara:

Kara TennisKara Tennis

Kara’s life purpose is embracing difficult aspects of the self. As a former religious believer, she has a special tenderness for people who are recovering from the pain of thinking in terms of good and evil, right and wrong, credit and blame.

From her recent book-in-progress: I have little to say to the already self-possessed – you know who you are – or to those who believe that the self is not worth possessing. My desire is to offer insights that might resonate with people who feel the need for permission to be the way they are, and reassurance that it is safe to explore the whole self, especially its “bad” aspects.

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Ryan TennisRyan Tennis

Even though Ryan has the prestigious title and heavy responsibility of being the “WWA Music Guy,” he still finds time to write and record music, perform all over the place, win prizes and contests – all while being “one of the most interesting guys he knows.”

Check out Ryan’s website or become his fan on facebook and see what all the fuss and fun is about.



Jonathan Childs

Jonathan is increasingly fascinated with the inside-out view of being human, and with what he calls “the family business.”  His contribution to the podcast ranges from website support to letting his mother cry on his shoulder to wearing his WWA tee shirt with pride around town.

If you want to learn more about Jonathan you could listen to his music, visit his blog, or if you want to tell Jonathan more about yourself (he loves hearing from listeners and other inside-out humans) you can email him at