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How do you learn to want the things you want to want?

Jonathan says – “with attitude.”  He says, approaching attitude intentionally will increase the likelihood that your attitude will be successful, and a successful attitude is one that gets you closest to your intentions with the least amount of fuss.

Kayla describes her attitudes throughout her life, and how she learned to have more influence over her attitude as she became more conscious of it.

Nikiah says that “being herself” happens to be a pretty successful attitude, because she is naturally generally positive about the world. And that when she gets into negativity troubles, she calls upon (you guessed it) silliness to get her out of them.

Kayla sleeping 1992 Green BayHere’s the blog post that Jonathan referred to when he said I was describing a successful attitude, and here’s the picture that helps Kayla remind herself to have compassion for herself.  <3


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