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Consciousness30: Wade and Judy Ask Me Some Questions


Kicking off Season 5 (the one in which listeners pose the questions), Wade and Judy asked me a variety of things, like:

Why did you ask people to interview you?
What did you do this morning?
Do you think you have a life purpose, or did you make one up for yourself so you’d feel happy?
What kind of professional and personal boundaries do you have?

Wade and Judy are true explorers of all sorts of realms, and it was fun to play the new “20 Questions” game with them.¬† (PS and they’re REALLY¬† CUTE!)

"Amy Childs" "Judy Barnett"

Cayo Costa, FL

"amy childs" "wade mergen"

camping cousins

Thanks Chris Kasper for today’s tune Devil’s Gold.

3 comments to Consciousness30: Wade and Judy Ask Me Some Questions

  • baby:g

    cute and hoot!

  • kara tennis

    I think they did a great job of nudging out interesting things from Amy-land. Thanks, Guys!

  • Alice Klein

    I soooo relate to and also feel a huge sense of validation or confirmation or something by what you said in this interview. When you describe not being interested in peoples dramas and this causing problems with people being offended or feeling hurt because this is how most being feel connected as friends. And what is meant by peoples telling their dramas I often call verbal diarhea. And it’s also so many details of a persons life that I see as none of my business;their sex life for example. Their sex life as far as I’m concerned is only between them and the person they’re in a sexually intimate relationship with. I mean okay you can tell people this is my girl friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner. Fine. But leave it at that!
    AND I also relate to the issue of job/skills and what will happen next, and maybe you’re meant to be homeless or go live in a place of solitude or something. I’ve had these thoughts too. Also I have no tangible type work skills that I can earn a decent living with, although at the same time I think I have plenty to offer to people in just me being me, it just doesn’t automatically in a black and white way translate to dollars. Ya know what I mean?