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C40: Basic Nutshell of Our Point of View (maybe)


Just before recording this episode, Jonathan had listened to the Consciousness37 episode of WWA, in which my guest (Daniel Mackler) shared his basic point of view, an essay he wrote in list form.  This had inspired Jonathan to want to make his own bullet point list of his basic point of view, which led us to sit around for hours in discussion, which led to making a list of our own, which led us to want to talk about our list into the microphone, which led to today’s podcast.

We hope you will be inspired to make your list too! And if you do I hope you will someday share it with us.

So now for the spoiler…. Our list!  We titled it
All the things we forgot to say, or have forgotten that we said
(an ever-expanding list)
(or, as some people call it, “gibberish.”)

1.    Everything is
2.    We tend to overestimate the knowability of the universe
3.    We’re all confused
4.    This is getting confusing
5.    We are all connected
8.    That was nice
9.    Nothing matters
10.    But that’s no reason to mope around
11.    But sometimes we do
12.    Tea and snacks are a good solution


When I was in Philly I stopped in at Briel's work for you-know-what

After listening to all the gibberish, you’ll have a chance to get down to Fame and Riches by Jake Snider.  Then maybe you’ll have some tea and snacks.

Humanly yours,

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