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Consciousness8: Peter Rhodes - Don't Take Yourself Too Personally


Are our thoughts true?

And are they really even “ours?”

And how do you get this skype thing to work anyway?

These are the penetrating kinds of questions that Peter Rhodes likes to ponder as he rummages happily through the dumpster, collecting precious items in his pockets like Dennis the Menace (except when the stuff is old industrial equipment, in which case he uses a rickshaw or some such contraption to carry it home).

Today we posed a “question from the audience” to get Peter going (as if he really needed any help):

I don’t like __ about myself.  How can I change it and be a better person?

As he tackles sticky concepts like “ego” and “change” with comfort and grace, Peter’s quiet charm is a welcome gift to today’s show, and we’re already looking forward to the next time.

xo ~Amy

2 comments to Consciousness8: Peter Rhodes – “Don’t take yourself too personally”

  • really felt great to tune into this particular podcast. Look forward to more in the future…as you all go forward on this topic.
    Its a difficult one for me the letting go process, as Kara mentioned its hard counselling those who have had severe boundary crossing in their lives,helping them to see that to let go of the feelings and surrendering them will lead to something “better for them” is not easy and Peters way of just being where they are is a good one…as I know from experience, Peter was with me for many years til I had an “ah ha” experience…I do fall asleep more often than I would care to admit, but the wakefulness times are cherished…why then don’t I stay in them…what am I getting out of holding onto something that is so obviously not good for me…
    often when I look at myself I see that I am really in a kind of denial…or a state of being numb…I find this process so difficult. I remember long time ago learning about meditation and realising that really I was only concentrating…not meditating and certainly not clearing my mind of the clutter needed for meditation.
    anyway…thanks great podcast beloved guru’s!! :)

  • Paul

    I was very pleased when Kara questioned what to me was implicit in what Peter was saying that the ego is basically bad and should be gotten rid of. Having listened to quite a few of the podcasts I am warming to Kara’s view of things. I have not heard enough or personally experienced enough to know whether Kara’s view is helpful for myself in what I am looking for. I have belonged to a religious group which basically says that ego was bad and should be gotten rid of, and I have either failed to follow the guidance or have not been taken to what I am looking for from that. I more and more tend to the later view and this is associated with why I am warming to Kara’s (and Amy’s) view. I was about to be dissappointed when I saw that Peter was being taken as a guru to Amy and Kara when what he was saying was not consistent with what I have already heard Kara and Amy saying. I was really pleased that Kara raised her concerns and I wasn’t satisfied that Peter’s response indicated he was on the same page as Kara. I look forward to more discussion of this matter. Thanks. Paul.