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A totally compatible bunch


Compatibility and Soul Mates: the wild-childs crew tells all!

(Or rather, tells a couple things, that may or may not be true.)



Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant



How do you learn to want the things you want to want?

Jonathan says – “with attitude.”  He says, approaching attitude intentionally will increase the likelihood that your attitude will be successful, and a successful attitude is one that gets you closest to your intentions with the least amount of fuss.

Kayla describes her attitudes throughout her life, and how she learned to have more influence over her attitude as she became more conscious of it.

Nikiah says that “being herself” happens to be a pretty successful attitude, because she is naturally generally positive about the world. And that when she gets into negativity troubles, she calls upon (you guessed it) silliness to get her out of them.

Kayla sleeping 1992 Green BayHere’s the blog post that Jonathan referred to when he said I was describing a successful attitude, and here’s the picture that helps Kayla remind herself to have compassion for herself.  <3


Self Care


Today the Childs children talk about depression, anxiety, observing your feelings, letting go, daily practices and being kind to yourself.

Favorite quotes of the day include “Maybe this is really obvious, is this really obvious?” (Kayla) and “I don’t know if I’m saying anything.” (Nikiah)

Sometimes it’s hard to know things.

Also I love the quote from Kara Tennis’s [co-host of this podcast in previous seasons] website: “Life is unjust; it requires us to be a self we can in no sense be said to have chosen, and then makes us look and feel wrong for having chosen badly.”
Childs Clan 2013 Self Care


Be kind to yourselves out there, people.

And don’t forget about the silliness – and the coziness too.




I think this might be the best episode of this podcast so far. I didn’t realize that until I listened to it this morning for the first time straight through. There are within it are so many insights and clues about being human, about learning and growing, and about why so many people are unhappy. And like all of Season 9, it’s all thanks to my three favorite creatures of all time, my kids.

Today they cover topics such as…
What it means to be an adult
Being free to try things and to make mistakes
Everyone wants to be trustworthy but mostly we can’t trust
The pitfall of “all or nothing” thinking
The value of role models
And what is it that people need in order to grow up to be happy, resourceful, and able to face the challenges of life?

Language alert – some of us couldn’t talk about this topic without liberal use of the F word. Consider yourself warned…. this is the real deal.

Whatever, whatever, Amen.




133718_508945009148_1833570437_oAfter being first raised in a religious community that considers [heterosexual] marriage to be “holy,” then raised by a single mom who rejected many (if not all) of those values, where do my 20-something children land now (today anyway), in their thoughts/feelings/experiences about marriage and commitment?

That’s kinda what we talked about in this episode.

Thanks for being with us!

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Jonathan's Universe

Jonathan and the gang

Jonathan and the ‘Forward Thinking Novel’ gang


In this episode we hear Jonathan’s current (abridged) thoughts, questions and feelings about life, the universe, and everything (or something).

To listen to a lot more of musical Jonny (aka Captain Wild), check out his SoundCloud page. And if you’re up for some LOLs, you should check out my sister’s Forward Thinking Novel which features all kinds of Captain Wild and much, much more.

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant



Fire Out | Captain Wild

Well it could start anywherepeaceful wild
just goes from here to there
cross the room through the air
Another broken dream
exactly as it seems
in repair, like we don’t care
no more

When I awoke
I found I wished
I had spoken out
for all those feelings
I’m holding down
so I’ll breathe fire out

So let your curiosity grow
until it bursts all the walls of your throat
into sound, just let it out
and in the process of becoming yourself
you must let go of all your panic and doubt
for awhile and find that smile
Jonathan in waves1998
when I awoke I found I wished I had spoken out
for all of those demons I’m holding down
well I’ll breathe fire out

When i found out how everything speaks
I must have listened to the silence for weeks
at a time, no I don’t know why
But I found faith in the rhythm of our hearts
As they beat out a pattern on the dark
Oh it is time for our skies to be reborn

when I awoke I found
I wished I had spoken
out for all of those demons
I’m choking down well
I’ll breathe fire
I’ll breathe fire
I’ll breathe fire

Being Yourself


childs family goofThings we wonder:
Is there silliness at the bottom of every person?
How am I not myself? (How am I not myself?)
Which Disney princess are you?
Why do we have to wear clothes so much?
Why should we be ourselves?
Should I accept myself or push myself?

Today my kids talk about “being yourself” – and how mottos and bumper stickers can help.

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Mistakes Parents Make

Jonathan Kayla Nikiah Childs

1993 (no necks were broken in the taking of this picture)

Moving right along with all the bad subjects, today’s episode is about mistakes! Parents’ mistakes in particular, but really just the overall joy of being wrong and living in a horrifying world.

Have fun with it!


Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Breaking Up


“I would rather feel this ache than feel nothing at all.” – Nikiah
“Breaking up is the most important part of being in a relationship.” – Jonathan
“I think breaking up is glorious!” – Kayla

Childs Fam with Significant Others "On a Roller Coaster" *

Childs Fam with Significant Others “On a Roller Coaster” *

*Also seems applicable to “breaking up…”


Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Meaning of Life


When Jonathan was about three, he once asked me “What’s going on, and what’s the meaning of it?” It has been a family question ever since.

My poor children, when they agreed to be interviewed for Season 9, didn’t realize I’d be asking them to answer such impossible questions.  In today’s episode, they attempt in 5 minutes or less to explain the meaning of life.  I hope I’m not arrested for child (or childs) abuse.

fairies in pike house

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant