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Consciousness35: Parents and Cults


I started off trying to find out more about the “gap” between Daniel and me, and we soon wandered off into other areas, talking about how parents can speed up their path to enlightenment, cults (what they are, how families can be cults, and how people leave them) and other tasty little morsels.

If  you’re interested to read the essay we’re talking about (“18 Ways to Speed Up The Path to Enlightenment“) well, here ya go.

In the end, I ponder a little bit about whether the difference between Daniel and me has anything to do with feeling happy. Then Daniel rounds out the show with his song Glory, Overpopulation!

Even though it’s all kinda tragic, it makes me LOL, not in small part due to the hymn’s tune.  Guess it’s one of those “if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry” situations.  For today, I’m going with the laughter.

Mine eyes have seen our species on the track to suicide
We reproduce like lemmings with denial laced with pride
We teach our children’s children how to never look inside
We’re marching to our doom!

Glory, Whatever and Amen,

Consciousness34: Daniel on Enlightenment


According to Daniel (who got it from Alice Miller), enlightenment is a synonym for “connection with the true self,” and an enlightened person is someone who is strongly connected with true self, can see the truth and can speak it.

Today Daniel describes the four stages he sees people go through as they grow from trauma to enlightenment, which are
1. Dissociation; 2. Suffering; 3. Grieving; 4. Enlightenment. (Ta da!)

Then Daniel “puts on his imagination cap” and describes his vision of an enlightened world.

I must say, it really sounds quite lovely, and I’d like to live there.


Consciousness33: Daniel on Self-Reflection and Honesty


In this, the second “Season Six” interview with Daniel Mackler, we talk about some consciousness basics: self-reflection, empathy, healthy human development, telling the truth, therapy and self-therapy, true selves and false selves.

This show (and this season) is dedicated to all the people out there who prefer real cheese over cheese whiz. May the cheese lord bless you and keep you, and make his cheesy face to shine upon you all. Amen.

Consciousness32: Daniel Asks Me Some Questions


In this episode I answer some questions about Bryn Athyn (the small religious town where I lived from 5th grade until marriage), and Daniel Mackler gives his assessment of whether or not Bryn Athyn qualifies as a cult.

I’m not going to give away the ending here, but I will just say that I’m feeling some serious discomfort about posting this show.  I will also say that I think it’s a very important show to post, so I’m postin’ it.

And now I’m going to go lie down and feel scared for a little while.  Luckily I know that uncomfortable feelings aren’t the end of the world.

Over and out.


Consciousness31: Jonathan Asks Me Some Questions


I liked the part when Jonathan talked about his usual reaction to emptiness:

amy childs, happiness consultant

takin care a bizniss


We had a fun time exploring this reaction – and other things – in today’s interview.

Another regular day in the “family business” (as he calls it).

Oh and PS, if you have $15 burning a hole in your pocket, and want to buy a CD of the Germantown Friends School a capella choir (and BOY is it good!), Gray is your man. (Do it!)

Consciousness30: Wade and Judy Ask Me Some Questions


Kicking off Season 5 (the one in which listeners pose the questions), Wade and Judy asked me a variety of things, like:

Why did you ask people to interview you?
What did you do this morning?
Do you think you have a life purpose, or did you make one up for yourself so you’d feel happy?
What kind of professional and personal boundaries do you have?

Wade and Judy are true explorers of all sorts of realms, and it was fun to play the new “20 Questions” game with them.  (PS and they’re REALLY  CUTE!)

"Amy Childs" "Judy Barnett"

Cayo Costa, FL

"amy childs" "wade mergen"

camping cousins

Thanks Chris Kasper for today’s tune Devil’s Gold.

Consciousness29: Finding Found


Today we get to hear more about Kara’s journey of integrating the precious little baby part of herself called Found.

Kara Tennis and Magia

Kara with her granddaughter Magia, a few hours old

Lucky us.

At the end of the show my adorable niece Anjuli Dawn sings to us her song called Yearn.

Consciousness28: Lost Parts


Kara Tennis is baaaack!

As a special guest star on today’s show, Kara talks about one of her most primal inner parts she calls Found, and about her recent project that aims (among other things) to introduce Found to one hundred of Kara’s loved ones.

At the end of the episode, Ryan Tennis sings

Find your way home all alone, all alone.

The evening’s final light will show the way
with colors it won’t show you in the day.
And the softer light illuminates within
the faces and the places that you’ve been.

So find your way home, all alone, all alone.
Seeds you have sown have finally grown, finally grown.

And your dreams tonight will tell you where to go,
in which direction you will surely know.
To the deepest inner longing of your soul
where from your birth you felt that aching hole.

So find your way home, all alone, all alone.

…and then the listener is washed away in what sounds/feels to me like a waterfall of tears… which seems just about right.

Kara Tennis and Amy Childs

Kara and Amy up on the rooooof

Consciousness27: Ethics As a Path to Healing


Cory Anderson is a friend of mine, and when he said he had some things he wanted to talk about on my podcast, I was totally into the idea.  In this episode he shares some of his thoughts about and experiences with how his study of philosophy and ethics has helped him become more clear and healthy in his own personal journey.

If you’re interested in discussing philosophy, ethics, or if you just like meeting new groovy people, you might want to join this Philosophy MeetUp so that you can be a part of all the gaggle-related fun that’s been going on around here.  Plus drink good beer and/or coffee.

And as promised, here again is the invitation to Ryan Tennis’s big gig this weekend, in case you haven’t put all the info on your calendar yet.

Now it seems like it’s time to go dance.


Consciousness26: Criminals and Retards


Okay, okay settle DOWN everyone.  Yes I know it seems very insensitive of me to use the word “retard.”  My defense is 1) sometimes I’m kinda insensitive and 2) we are ALL fricken retards. Seriously! So let’s get over it, shall we?

Today’s show is partly a further explanation of some things I said in my interview with Daniel Mackler last week, and partly just a regular ol’ Amy-blah about consciousness.  Or whatever.

I’m also joined by (son) Jonathan who took a break from being a mathematical genius to get some annoyance off his chest.  And also, to admit that he’s not that smart and is really a dick (see?! – an epidemic!)

(Spoiler warning: It turns out he thinks traumas make life “fun!”)

Once I’ve annoyed nearly everyone, I know my work for the day is complete.  I think I hear my pillow calling me.



Here’s a shout out to Up The Chain for sharing their upbeat hit What We Were Before with us.  I figure, if we have to get along on this little crazy planet, we might as well be dancing while we do it!