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Childs Halloween2000

A totally compatible bunch


Compatibility and Soul Mates: the wild-childs crew tells all!

(Or rather, tells a couple things, that may or may not be true.)



Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant



133718_508945009148_1833570437_oAfter being first raised in a religious community that considers [heterosexual] marriage to be “holy,” then raised by a single mom who rejected many (if not all) of those values, where do my 20-something children land now (today anyway), in their thoughts/feelings/experiences about marriage and commitment?

That’s kinda what we talked about in this episode.

Thanks for being with us!

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

Breaking Up


“I would rather feel this ache than feel nothing at all.” – Nikiah
“Breaking up is the most important part of being in a relationship.” – Jonathan
“I think breaking up is glorious!” – Kayla

Childs Fam with Significant Others "On a Roller Coaster" *

Childs Fam with Significant Others “On a Roller Coaster” *

*Also seems applicable to “breaking up…”


Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

S41: De-Vowification


So after a couple years of celibacy (jeepers, was it only a couple years? Why did it feel like a couple decades?), I woke up one morning with a sudden and clear *ping* in my brain that meant to me that it was time for the ‘vow’ to be over.  Just kinda like that.

As part of my un-vowing process, one thing I wanted to do was to ask Daniel Mackler some questions about celibacy, dating, sex, relationships – and I recorded the conversation so all y’all could eavesdrop.

What a day, what a life, what a world – and whatever, whatever.

little carsie offers her opinion on all this


Oh and have you downloaded Carsie Blanton’s new album yet?

Have you heard that she gives her music away?

So just go listen already!


S40: Communication and Silence


I asked Jonathan to tell me about some of the things he’s learning and thinking about in his relationship with Briel and in life in general.  He shared about talking slower, talking less, not talking at all, learning to hold a grudge and compromising.

Encouragingly, at the end he says “The only way you’re going to understand what I’m saying is if you’re psychic.”  Um, so, yeah- good luck with that.

Today’s closing number is from Portland’s Fred Van Vactor, who says this is his real name, and who has some fun songs for us to enjoy in coming episodes – so get ready for a quirky dance party coming your way.

In the meantime, I’m a gonna stop talking now.


S38: Kara Helps Me Talk About Commitment, Sex Addiction (and other things)


Today, continuing in the tradition of amusing ourselves, Kara and I discuss relationships (pros and cons), comfort (pros and cons), commitment (pros and cons), sex addiction (pros and cons) and gay (and human) pride.

Today’s musical endnote is provided by “Griz,” and background kitty noises provided by my sister’s cats, Tara and Piper.

S37: Learning From Relationships


In this final ‘Season 6′ episode about ‘Sex & Love’, we talked about:

Why would Daniel ever be in a romantic/sexual relationship?

Why would an enlightened person ever be in a romantic/sexual relationship?

Are there times when relationships help people grow?

What does Daniel think about commitment and contracts?

And more!

PS:  I’ve been getting some feedback that these shows take “f o r e v e r” to download – and that these long episodes are even worse.  Alls I can say is: sorry bout dat.  Guess we’re getting what we’re paying for…

So thanks for your patience.  A good reminder to breathe, right?

S36 Sex&Love Intermission, In Which Amy Is Still Confused


In today’s “season six intermission” I reveal a bit more of my profound confusion regarding anything sex/love.  “But it’s not my fault,” I explain, “I’m just a super-freak is all.”

Part of what gets me all muddled up is that I can’t find a way to reconcile the things that Daniel says about relationships with the things my kids say about relationships.

Another thing that gets me muddled up is that I still haven’t even been able to identify whether my past relationships were fundamentally “good” or “bad.”  Not a great place to start when looking for decisive clarity.

The only thing I can possibly say at this juncture is, to be continued….

And also I could say: Thanks Jake Snider for sharing his tune with us, “Real Life.”

Rockin’ it out, bewilderment notwithstanding-

Sex&Love35: Needs 'n' Stuff


More meandering!

Today’s topics include…
-Is it a boundary violation to intrude on someone’s false self?
-How do you distinguish another person’s true self from their false self?
-What do healthy adult humans really need?
-Can being “in love” be a part of a healing path?

And in the end Amy confesses some of her deepest desires… to hide and to be alone.  So then why the heck do you have this podcast? Daniel asks.  I KNOW RIGHT!? (And out loud I said, politely, “Yeah well, it’s been a struggle…”)

Yours in blah blah blah,

Sex&Love34: Daniel on Love


Daniel says that “to love is to nurture.”

And other things too.

“Love” is the topic of today’s interview, and in it we talk about healthy and unhealthy kinds of love, mature and immature kinds of love, having crushes and being “in love.”

At the end I asked Daniel a little bit about his own history with these things, why he chose to be celibate, and whether his celibate lifestyle is a “for now” or a “forever” thing.

The adventure continues…