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Consciousness11: Religion (Part One)


Talking about religion on the air is dilemma.  On the one hand, I really don’t like hurting people’s feelings.  On the other hand, I think it’s really funny to make fun of the Lord.

Oh the woes of podcastery!

So I’ve done my rambling – now it’s your turn to ramble back.  Let’s hear it listeners – whatcha thinkin’ about religion, huh??

Today’s inspiring rendition of Amazing Grace is played by Two Harps and I found it on music alley – a site that provides “podsafe music” for free.  Which reminds me – another thing I’d love help with is finding fitting music for the shows – so if music is your thing – help me Obe Wan!

xo ~Amy

4 comments to Consciousness11: Religion (Part One)

  • I confess that I sure get a lot out of your humor and religious humor in general. I feel many ways about religions and they adherents. My range is from ‘cute’ to ‘pathetic and sad’. My biggest peeve is that millions and millions of the people I have to share this dying earth with don’t have to give a shit because they have a cop-out; ie., we(those of us that ‘matter’) are going to a ‘better place’.

    On the other hand, I really like my ‘religion’ and sort of think I am ‘right’ some times. I don’t consider myself as ‘believing’ anything. It’s more like a world view or, simply, a way I like to think. I heard someone say it and it’s grown in me ever since: The World is a sacred place and a sacred process and we belong.

    Maybe I will leave a comment about God or the gods, later. Especially if someone eggs me on.


  • I just had a second post that did not take. Damn it!

  • baby:g

    ‘The World is a sacred place and a sacred process and we belong’ ~ beautiful :o)

  • baby:g

    i meant for that to be :) not :o) but i guess they go hand in hand