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Consciousness12: Religion (Part Two)


Holy Smokes, have I been putting myself through the ringer in regards to this podcast or what.  And how.

First things first: I want to thank all of you who did interviews, left voice mails, wrote comments, and tried like crazy to give me what I was asking for.  We got tons of great feedback from lots of interesting people.  The problem was, I discovered through this process that I need less feedback, not more.  Oops.  So, it turns out I was super wrong.

You know when they send up a big firework into the sky – you see it shooting up there and you can just tell, it’s gonna be big! and then it never goes off, you see it falling back to the ground and somewhere along the way it lets out a little sputter?  That’s what this episode is like.  A well-meaning fizzle, marking the untimely and unfantastic end of season three, as well as the end of podcasting as I used to know it.

Something new WILL be happening – oh boy here comes Season 4 (!?) – but I’m still not sure what.  So if you have the patience, stay tuned.

But back to this little sputter of a show: I spent a fun hour on Skype with Michael Newdow and wanted to share a couple highlights with y’all.  Here’s the link to his church’s website, where you can find the recipe for Freethink Drink – and let’s face it, you’re going to want that recipe, cuz it’s a smoothie made with cake.

Whatever, Whatever – – AMEN!


1 comment to Consciousness12: Religion (Part Two)

  • I went to the FACTS site, and listened to one “sermon.” I like it. Only trouble is, I get very impatient watching video or listening to audio – it feels slow – and there is so much to do in the day! I would LOVE for him to have his stuff written out where I could just whip through it.
    This is also why I haven’t listened to more of your stuff. But I like that everything you did on your show is still here to be listened to when I have the time. Things don’t have to last forever to be good!
    I love that you did this show, and look forward to seeing what you’ll do next!