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Consciousness22: Feelings 102


A listener asked “Feelings don´t mean anything??? Anything? At all?”

Okay, I admit it – I don’t know if feelings mean something or not.  I just said that to git a rise outta ya.

No really I said it because it seemed like a good place to start, because the meanings we assign to feelings usually make them feel worse.

Today’s episode is about some of the next steps you might take, if wanted to stop making matters worse, if you were curious about your feelings and if you wanted to discover more about them.

Do you?  Well then get listening!


1 comment to Consciousness22: Feelings 102

  • baby:g

    but where can we trade in all these pesky feelings, for some good old fashioned make sense logic? when they asked at birth how many helpings of feelings i wanted, they sounded so tasty…