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Consciousness24: Steven Schnarr, Life and Death


“We are beautiful because we are mistaken, and we are forgiven before we begin.” – part of a poem by Steven, which he kinda thought was “bullshit” but also made him feel like he was awesome. (Personally, I side with “awesome.”)

Steven Schnarr was born into a religious family living in a religious community, but at 19 he chose a different path.  A few weeks ago his brother Jason killed himself, and again Steven’s world crumbled.  After the funeral Steve made the following speech:

“I just want to say one thing: none of us have any fucking idea what’s going on, and it really angers me that many of you pretend that you do.”

People… can I get a resounding AMEN?

Since I know some of you won’t feel that 30 minutes is enough, you can listen to my entire unedited interview with Steven here.

Steven’s request for music was “anything by Jonathan Childs” – a request I happily granted.

Peace ~ Amy

9 comments to Consciousness24: Steven Schnarr, Life and Death

  • Jonathan Childs

    definitely the right song choice.

    I’m looking home
    to where home used to be
    and I’m tilting forwards
    tumbled to grassy knees

    especially considering I wrote it with images of running down cathedral hill in mind. kind of eerie, actually.

  • Thor Odhner

    Ummmm… awesome.

  • totally enjoyed Stephens upfront out there raw emotional expressions of his journey to freedom from shame that was put on him by the church he was raised in…letting go is so hard….and trusting yourself and WHAT IS is so so important to your feeling of reality….
    thank you Stephen.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for being awesome What What What Amen!
    It’s really refreshing to here good friends speak openly relatable religious frustrations in such on non-biast, open platform.
    And what a way to finish it with excellence from Johnny!

    Wahoo! looking foreword to whats next.

  • baby:g

    i whole heartedly concur

    and sometimes i pretend that i know what is going on, so its good to be reminded i don’t and none of us do

    thank you steven and amy!

  • MelanelloPea


  • Anna

    I finally just listened to this podcast today… LOVE IT!!! It feels so healing to hear someone from my “old life” speak with such candor and grace about being with what is so, trusting ourselves, etc.. I can’t quite find the words for it, actually. Thanks, Stephen.

  • Anna

    sorry dude – misspelled your name. :-)

  • Alice Klein

    I agree with Thor. Ummmm….awesome!