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Consciousness26: Criminals and Retards


Okay, okay settle DOWN everyone.  Yes I know it seems very insensitive of me to use the word “retard.”  My defense is 1) sometimes I’m kinda insensitive and 2) we are ALL fricken retards. Seriously! So let’s get over it, shall we?

Today’s show is partly a further explanation of some things I said in my interview with Daniel Mackler last week, and partly just a regular ol’ Amy-blah about consciousness.  Or whatever.

I’m also joined by (son) Jonathan who took a break from being a mathematical genius to get some annoyance off his chest.  And also, to admit that he’s not that smart and is really a dick (see?! – an epidemic!)

(Spoiler warning: It turns out he thinks traumas make life “fun!”)

Once I’ve annoyed nearly everyone, I know my work for the day is complete.  I think I hear my pillow calling me.



Here’s a shout out to Up The Chain for sharing their upbeat hit What We Were Before with us.  I figure, if we have to get along on this little crazy planet, we might as well be dancing while we do it!

3 comments to Consciousness26: Criminals and Retards

  • Debbie Tsarfati

    Loved listening to Jonathan’s theory on trauma- hats off to you on influencing his really healthy thoughts. I agree with him.

  • kara tennis

    AMEN to the fact that we each are just only as conscious as we are–no more and no less—and no shoulds about it, OK??? Thanks Amy for sayin’ it true.

  • Betsy

    It’s been two whole days since I listened to this podcast, but listening to Jonathan speak, really did it for me. Life really is what’s happening all the time, so making the best of it while it’s raining and people are being jerks and you’ve got lots of work to do and your back hurts is just life. I’m probably wording this poorly but I loved listening to him (and btw, good job Amy, for providing so much fodder for trauma. Way to go, good mom)