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Consciousness27: Ethics As a Path to Healing


Cory Anderson is a friend of mine, and when he said he had some things he wanted to talk about on my podcast, I was totally into the idea.  In this episode he shares some of his thoughts about and experiences with how his study of philosophy and ethics has helped him become more clear and healthy in his own personal journey.

If you’re interested in discussing philosophy, ethics, or if you just like meeting new groovy people, you might want to join this Philosophy MeetUp so that you can be a part of all the gaggle-related fun that’s been going on around here.  Plus drink good beer and/or coffee.

And as promised, here again is the invitation to Ryan Tennis’s big gig this weekend, in case you haven’t put all the info on your calendar yet.

Now it seems like it’s time to go dance.


1 comment to Consciousness27: Ethics As a Path to Healing

  • Alice Klein

    Rather than the question of good and bad, or evil and not-evil. I think upb is focused on what is the truth, or what is the reality. And whether it’s of the individuals truth or the truth in an overall general sense is not the issue. imo.
    I think the word objective is also mis-used or misunderstood in this context. upb can help an individual person learn to be objective about their emotions about things/their personal experiences and find out what the truth is and what that emotion is really about. And therefor become more centered in the reality of their true self.