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Consciousness28: Lost Parts


Kara Tennis is baaaack!

As a special guest star on today’s show, Kara talks about one of her most primal inner parts she calls Found, and about her recent project that aims (among other things) to introduce Found to one hundred of Kara’s loved ones.

At the end of the episode, Ryan Tennis sings

Find your way home all alone, all alone.

The evening’s final light will show the way
with colors it won’t show you in the day.
And the softer light illuminates within
the faces and the places that you’ve been.

So find your way home, all alone, all alone.
Seeds you have sown have finally grown, finally grown.

And your dreams tonight will tell you where to go,
in which direction you will surely know.
To the deepest inner longing of your soul
where from your birth you felt that aching hole.

So find your way home, all alone, all alone.

…and then the listener is washed away in what sounds/feels to me like a waterfall of tears… which seems just about right.

Kara Tennis and Amy Childs

Kara and Amy up on the rooooof

1 comment to Consciousness28: Lost Parts

  • Wade

    You are beautiful people as is Ryan’s music. I am very glad that Kara is Kara. That she and experiences, expresses and ALL as she does. A true pioneer in trudging the depths of humanness as you and her define it. I feel lucky to know Kara and look forward to personal glimpses one on one with her or otherwise. Besides making me feel good and noticed (selfishness) it gives me insight into my own experience (selfishness). She speaks of the universality of the human experience: I wonder if hearing about it from her could fool me into thinking that, just because I can relate to the depth and universality of it all, I am off the hook and will happily leave my own parts and journey unattended.