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Consciousness34: Daniel on Enlightenment


According to Daniel (who got it from Alice Miller), enlightenment is a synonym for “connection with the true self,” and an enlightened person is someone who is strongly connected with true self, can see the truth and can speak it.

Today Daniel describes the four stages he sees people go through as they grow from trauma to enlightenment, which are
1. Dissociation; 2. Suffering; 3. Grieving; 4. Enlightenment. (Ta da!)

Then Daniel “puts on his imagination cap” and describes his vision of an enlightened world.

I must say, it really sounds quite lovely, and I’d like to live there.


2 comments to Consciousness34: Daniel on Enlightenment

  • I think there’s more to be discussed in the realm of dissociated happy vs true happy. For one it seems pretty unlikely that anyone is all one way or all the other. if you feel happy I’d guess there’s some teamwork happening between the dissociated and enlightened parts of yourself.

    another angle on it is that I would say that enlightened happy isn’t reliant on knowing anything. if your being happy is based on any sort of knowing of anything I’d say there is some aspect of dissociation involved.

    or something…

  • Also, from my experience to self-awareness aka enlightenment than just overcoming your traumas. Overcoming your traumas is like taking a toy out of the packaging. True, you have a much more fulfilling connection to that toy now that you can actually hold it and play with it, but you come to know it better and better by experimenting with it over time. I would say that enlightenment is once you’re playing with the toy approaches infinity and you realize that it’s not a toy at all and that you’re not actually playing with it.

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