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Consciousness4: Primal Process- It's Not For Everyone


As well as reading more of Kara’s book, we read some things from other people who are almost as famous: Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Martha Beck, and “Trudy” (the brilliant bag lady in Jane Wagner’s Search For Intelligent Life in the Universe).

Kara and I talk in this podcast about our strange professions of learning first-hand about the depths of the human condition, and how it sometimes looks and feels like we’re losing our minds.

Luckily Trudy knows all about this, and says it all so well:

“I don’t ever want to sound negative about going crazy.  I don’t want to overromanticize it either, but frankly, goin’ crazy was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I don’t say it’s for everybody; some people couldn’t cope.

But for me it came at a time when nothing else seemed to be working.  I got the kind of madness Socrates talked about, ‘A divine release of the soul from the yoke of custom and convention.’  I refuse to be intimidated by reality anymore.

After all, what is reality anyway? Nothin’ but a collective hunch.  My space chums think reality was once a primitive method of crowd control that got out of hand.  In my view, it’s absurdity dressed up in a three-piece business suit.

I made some studies, and realty is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.  I can take it in small doses, but as a lifestyle I found it too confining.  It was just too needful; it expected me to be there for it all the time, and with all I have to do – I had to let something go.

Now, since I put reality on the back burner, my days are jam-packed and fun-filled.

See, the human mind is kind of like… a pinata.  When it breaks open, there’s a lot of surprises inside.  Once you got the pinata perspective, you see that losing your mind can be a peak experience.”

God I love that Trudy, she’s a shining star.

4 comments to Consciousness4: Primal Process- It’s Not For Everyone

  • Megan Odhner

    My first reaction to this podcast was “whew! I’m glad it’s not something I have to go through”. I can identify several people in my life who I suspect to be “primal processors” and I find myself both drawn to them and scared of them. Like, by being around them, I’m going to have to go into those pits of despair that they describe.
    Then I realized that I have visited some of those pits and gotten through them. Maybe there are some scars, but I agree that the amount of good feelings I experience seem directly related to the amount of pain I have allowed myself to feel. I still don’t want to do it, but feel slightly more willing to go there if that’s what is needed. And it’s not up to me, anyway, so why worry about it?

  • I am so taken with your intro.



  • And Kara’s openning quote is SO good.

  • amychilds

    aw shucks Wadey. xo