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Consciousness5: Luck


Here’s the deal: you’re lucky if you’re happy, you’re lucky if you’re thin, you’re lucky if you’re smart, you’re lucky if you’re not unattractive, you’re lucky if you weren’t born to a parent with AIDS, you’re lucky if you live near a grocery store, you’re lucky if all your body parts work, you’re lucky if your kids have never been in a terrible accident, you’re lucky if you have a toilet, you’re lucky if your mom didn’t do drugs while you were in utero, you’re lucky if you don’t have to toil in the fields for 12 hours a day…

You’re just freakin’ LUCKY, okay?

That’s alls I got to say.


(Well that, and “Happy Holidays” – and if you want to hear a truly inspiring while thoroughly tortured version of Oh Holy Night, be sure to listen to the verrrry end.)


4 comments to Consciousness5: Luck

  • Megan Odhner

    My brief highschool crush on Ryan may have been tomporarily reignited by listening to him on the last couple of podcasts (The crush, by the way, was ended by him dating my sister, so let’s never speak of it again.)
    Good call on having him as a guest.
    I have 4 really beautiful children, and they get praised for it everywhere we go. I feel perfectly free to join in, after all, I share no DNA with them, so I am in no way taking credit for their good looks. Of course, I am in no way responsible
    for my good looks, either, or my smartness in “choosing” such lovely children, or for their musical talent, or athletic ability, or that their teeth grew in faster than their cousin’s. Yet, I really want the credit and acknowledgement. I also struggle with feeling responsible for all the “bad” stuff. Abdicating responsibility for both pretty and not so pretty parts of myself and them ain’t easy, but would probably be more peaceful and just the truth, if I’m getting the message about luck and humanness in general.
    I am very lucky for so many reasons, one of them being that these podcasts are here to give me a 20 minute respite from whatever. Thanks, guys

  • Am I lucky or unlucky for having gotten extremely ill and then fully recovered? As I mentioned in another comment, getting West Nile Virus was a major life-changing event and it lifted a cloud that loomed above me for 2 1/2 years. I won the disease lottery, getting infected by a mosquito in an almost-mosquitoless region (SoCal) and being the only case of WNV in the Southern half of CA that year. Since then I’ve been on a tear, living my dream and loving life. But coming down with this was a living nightmare at the time. Wouldn’t it be luckier to NOT have gotten sick?

    Also, I feel like to some extent I DID earn the right to have my carefree attitude toward life. It took a lot of physical and mental suffering to get me where I am now! Blah blah.

  • amychilds

    I think you’re lucky that you survived something so wildly unlucky in a way that made your life even better.

    To my way of thinking, it’s not really a binary “lucky” or “unlucky,” but many complicated layers and shades of the two combined.

  • Yeah, I feel extremely lucky, more so than before it happened. cheers