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Consciousness7: Service


By accident I arranged today’s show to be about Service – not knowing that yesterday was the National Day of Service in honor of Martin Luther King.  I wish I could take a bit more credit for this but apparently I’m just not that savvy.

Anyway, we’re happy to be joined by Charity in Action director Anders Hyatt, who is also involved with and quick to sing the praises of FeelGood and the Hunger Project – two fabulous organizations committed to the end of world hunger.

Anders talks with us about the concepts of “charity,” “helping,” “hunger” and “servant leadership,” and shares some stories from his many years devoted to making the world a better place.

Oh – And before I forget, thanks to Bobby Szafranski (Jonathan’s friends always seem to have last names we can’t spell or pronounce) for recording this week’s “Amen” tune.  Diggin’ it.


2 comments to Consciousness7: Service

  • Great episode! Thank you – this was particularly useful for me now, since I head to Peru this Tuesday to volunteer for one month. Everything I heard here brings up a confusing assortment of feelings, concerns and apprehension, but I guess I have to have faith that my good intentions are not going to pave a “road to Hell.”

    What resonated most of all was that people get involved with “charitable” organizations to fulfill their own personal needs, and I am *definitely* doing this month-long project to fulfill my own needs. For one, the mountains towns of Peru are not exactly luxurious or even remotely comfortable, and certainly not “designed for 6’5″ gringos.” So I know I’ll get to suffer some, supposedly for the sake of other people, thereby absolving myself of some guilt for spending a charmed lifetime mostly being oblivious to harsh realities in which many other people live. Thank God!

    Another need I fulfill is that I get to expand my horizons and pretend like my life is meaningful! I also think this is going to make me a more interesting and appealing person in the eyes of most people. Sweet. I’m sure this will probably make me a better musician as well, and it certainly has already helped my image as a musician.

    Yesterday I held a benefit concert to raise money for a Kids’ Corner within the Huancayo medical clinic where street kids can come hang out, get some attention, play with toys and receive basic education about hygiene to prevent disease. The concert was a smashing success, in that it was super-fun and we raised a crapload of money, esp. by Peru standards. Everyone’s like “this is so great that you’re doing this and working to raise money” but I’m like, “are you kidding me? This is the fun part! The real challenge begins when I get there.” I already feel weird about bringing a whole bunch of cash for a project, but I guess I need to let myself believe that me doing this is the best I can do and it must be what God wants for me and for people there.

    I am so ignorant to the complex ins and outs of doing something like this and it’s pretty intimidating. I do have confidence that by bringing my guitar and playing music for people, especially kids, I’ll be showing them a fun time and connecting, and that’s gotta be worth something, right?

    Goodness gracious. Wish me luck on avoiding having my intestines ravaged by Peruvian Parasites…my immune system isn’t the strongest. But then again, becoming deathly ill with West Nile Virus was the most illuminating, inspiring and life-changing event of my life, so maybe thhat wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

    xo, Bron

  • amychilds

    This is an awesome collection of truths Bron, and lol….

    Looking forward to further reports, please. xo