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Consciousness9: Pema Chodron


Just about every word out of Pema Chodron’s mouth is music to my ears.  So today, we’re singing her song.

The book we quote (my “Bible”) (or “pillow”) in today’s show is When Things Fall Apart – Heart Advice for Difficult Times, and as you might be able to guess by the way we have to let out a contented moan or sigh after every paragraph we read – we like it.  Maybe you will too.


1 comment to Consciousness9: Pema Chodron “When Things Fall Apart”

  • Kath

    I was in an accident the other day and my husband managed to gather my mp3 player, phone and prayer beads before the ambulance arrived. Don’t know how on earth I happened to have your podcast on my MP3 player as I’ve never heard anything of yours before, but it turned out to be gold-dust and got me through 3 nights of worry and 3 days of pain far more easily than would have otherwise been the case. What a wonderful, cheerful and reassuring podcast! I listened to it five times during one difficult night and it cheered me up no end. Thank you!