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Happiness11: Doom and Gloom (Part One)


Well whaddya know…. it’s another podcast.  Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are.

So to review: “Part One” is the part in which Amy rambles.  “Part Two” comes next, after our friends, family, listeners and fans give us feedback.  We’re looking for comments, stories, concerns, questions, suggestions…. and without them, Part Two will have to patiently wait… forever.

As advertised in this show, at the end of Season Three (3 months from now) we will have sexy snazzy smart Tshirts ready, and YOU can earn your tee in one of two ways:

  1. send in a donation of $100 or more
  2. give us some kind of feedback to EVERY “part one” show in season three (there will be 12 such opportunities)

and voila (or “wala” as Kayla likes to say) – a tee shirt is yours!  You think you’re popular and cool NOW… well, just wait till you see what happens when you don the whateveramen shwag. The world at your fingertips, that’s what I’m talking about.

In the meanwhile… happy spring!


9 comments to Happiness11: Doom and Gloom (Part One)

  • baby:g

    “This is why the hells are described as being in gloom and darkness, and why the gloom and darkness means the kinds of malevolent distortions characteristic of hell” eManuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell # 553

  • amychilds

    Ah sister, yes! Thank you for shedding more light on this important subject.


  • baby:g

    no, thank YOU for shedding more light on this important subject!

  • baby:g

    booYa! just made the $ investment so that hense forth i can mums the word :)

  • Sorry, I haven’t heard it yet, but I already have a question. Did you get to the part about how native peoples predicted this 10,000 years ago and they secretly hid their oral stories in the Bible.

    baby:g, what is the context of the quote and what does it mean to you? np(no pressure).

  • amychilds

    Baby G- SUCH a sneaky move!

  • I wonder, does everyone think I am some crazy anarchistic, bible prediction theorist now and how could I know what people thought 10,000 years ago? (That’s code for: even still I feel embarased(sp?) and vulnerable when I refer to native peoples and predictions.) From what I know I will make a generalization that has very few exceptions: all native peoples everywhere and always, when they have encountered our greed, disregard, filth and disconnection, ‘saw’ that we were ‘fucked’. And then, instead of listening, we destroyed them.

  • How about having a pod cast on “saving the world”.

  • I can definitely identify with having to deliberately try and make life fun while living in San Diego, which wasn’t so easy for me. I recommend joining one of those sweet Sunday afternoon Brazilian drum troupe lessons on the lawn outside of the World Beat Center at the entrance of Balboa Park.