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H39: Sam Harris Is Making Me Happy


In today’s episode I chat with Kara about my birthday and my recent explorations in happiness, wellbeing, ethics, Sam Harris, good, evil, hitchhiking, and eating moldy food.

I also want everyone to watch this TED talk by Sam Harris, or check out his books or his blog so we can have fun pondering these things together.

Today’s musical endnote is the song “The Secret in the Garden” by Chris Grunwald, aka Griz.

Thanks for everything, y’all.





1 comment to H39: Sam Harris Is Making Me Happy

  • Paul

    Good to hear you guys on the cyber-waves again.

    I think this is an interesting but vast topic and don’t know where to start in thinking or writing about it. It would be interesting to hear some criticisms of Harris’ position. I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

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