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H41: Disillusionment, Not Belonging, and Offsetting Torture


“Contentment is pretty damn lucky.”
-Kara Tennis

The beloved Kara is back with us today talking about her journey toward being disillusioned (“in the good sense”), being aligned with her true being, and being allowed to breathe even if she doesn’t change the world.

We got talking about her new website (sorry I’m not allowed to give you the link until it’s perfect) and the reassurance, support and company that she offers clients as a self-possession specialist.  Good stuff, all real good stuff.

Kara briefly mentions that 1/3 of the income from her business goes directly to the Hunger Project and FeelGood, so I thought I would mention them here too, cause they are awesome and worthy organizations working to end hunger in really empowering and successful ways. Click now and donate today!!

The closing song is sung by Kara’s daughter Anna – ear candy, I tell you.  Enjoy.

So now let’s all hang out and “not-belong” together.

Kara Anna and Magia

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