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H43 Introduction to Natasha and Season 8


Happy New Year Boys and Girls! Lucky 2013 to you, and welcome to Season 8. Whoot!

We’re bringing in the new year with an all-too-brief introduction to Season 8’s co-host, Natasha Clark – single mom of four, student, feminist, goofball, poet and author of the (currently dormant) blog Men Are Women Too.

I met Natasha during my year of bardo wandering, and later had the so-crazy-it-just-might-work idea of asking her to be my guest for a season of podcasts.  Even though she’s super busy going to school, raising her kids, having an adorable GF and being facebook friends with Mr. Deity – lucky us – she still said yes.

Natasha was a Mormon and now she’s not, and she has the sexy sundress and residual shame to prove it.

Today she tells us a little (way too little) bit about leaving home at 15, becoming a Mormon at 16, getting married at 18 – and somewhere along the way discovering the sweaty annoyance of magical underwear, ahem I’m sorry, I mean, garments.

Also covers (with equally frustrating lack of detail) the phenomena of Mormon happiness, anti-depressants, and whether or not life is meant to be a struggle (like “I think a lot of the things Mormons say have to be hard, don’t have to be hard; and the things they say are easy are actually hard.”)

I know you will be left wanting for more, so try to be patient – but also feel free to nag us relentlessly on the WWA facebook wall with your questions, comments and friendly enthusiasm as well.

And don’t forget to check out Ryan Tennis’s new CD, Pack Light But Bring Everything. Woo!Pack Light but Bring Everything cover art

Happy Thirteen,


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