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Happiness1: Sad Is Not The Opposite of Happy


Wow, look ma!  I made a podcast!

Off to a roaring start, in this episode I let off a little steam about what I consider to be a grave misconception: that sadness is the opposite of happiness.  This is an especially irksome pet peeve of mine, perhaps because I am such a big fat crybaby, and don’t want people to think this weakens my credentials as a Happiness Consultant.  Au contraire!

In my world suffering is the opposite of  happiness, and in my experience the path to suffering is paved with a resistance to sadness (when it’s there).

1 comment to Happiness1: Sad Is Not The Opposite of Happy

  • Ashley Tappan

    I love this dialogue. After personally experiencing that sadness and happiness are not mutually exclusive, I have learned with Amy’s help that they are dancing partners – sadness and happiness. And I couldn’t have them or the dance without each in me. I practice breathing and quiet and being with someone who loves me (sometimes that is me!!) to access awareness of what is sad and happy in me. It ain’t easy. But it is the joy of life. I love telling Amy that some of my happiest memories are of times I was sad! Not because I am a masochist but because I was keenly aware of my aliveness and that made me happy. I love having both in my life. Happiness and Sadness are not multiple choice conditions. And email me that Virginia Woolf poem!!!