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Happiness10: Amy's State of the Whatever Address



Okay then, back to your (other) regularly scheduled programs.


10 comments to Happiness10: Amy’s State of the Whatever Address

  • Megan Odhner

    Here are a few thoughts that came up for me while listening to your podcast (in no particular order).
    1. I LOVE the podcast and have been missing it dreadfully, but assumed that it was paused because Kara’s been gone.
    2. The person you described as your helper sounds just like Thor, except for maybe having hours of time to devote, but I don’t know how much of a barrier that is.
    3. I’m really glad you let us all in to your process.
    4. I would love to see the podcast be longer.
    5. I wish I had lots of money to give you for all you do, but will just have to settle for a huge THANK YOU.
    6. Your podcasts, groups, calls and sessions are a really important to me.

  • amychilds

    Megan, thanks so much for listening and for sharing your thoughts. I’ve thought of Thor as the almost-perfect helper too, but I think you need him more than I do right now!!! Maybe I’ll freeze myself for 20 years and resume the show once your kids are grown.

  • Hey Amy, thank you for your honesty and thank you for this wonderful podcast. All I can say is that the show has been extremely comforting to me ever since I got addicted two weeks ago, and I listen almost every night as I fall asleep, as well as often during the day. It’s my crack. On my facebook musician page ( WhateverAmen is numero uno on my favorite pages list. I hope you find what you need!
    Muchos abrazos,

  • kara tennis

    Because I know more true things about Amy than probably anyone, and because I store so many details of her preciousness in my capacious Loved Ones Archive, I’d like to say that there is MUCH that Amy could have said in this recording about the ways in which almost everyone projects their stuff onto her “in return” for the space and clarity and wisdom she constantly offers. In particular, I think that some intense recent projections of my own were one of the main elements that led to her “snapping” (as she says) last week.

    I don’t feel bad and wrong about this, because I know and own the “error” of my ways, and I know that I give her as much as I’m capable of giving. But I’m deeply grateful that she didn’t dime me out here, and that she almost never dishes what is “deserved,” and that her anger disappears almost before it ever even develops, and that she doesn’t know how to not be loving even when people are incapable of grasping that fact or of seeing who she truly is.

    The ways that Amy is as a person are great for all of us, but pretty hard on her. I don’t know how she’s survived the personal tortures that have been hers to survive, and I don’t know how to change the nature of the world, but I want to say again that having her in our lives makes us luckier than we’ll ever really know. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoKara

  • amychilds

    Aw wife…. shucks.

  • Laurie Kemp

    oh Amy, you just melt my heart in a million ways– i’m so relieved/inspired/softened that you’re willing to be this truly, truly amazing, brave example of how truth should be, can be, sought and spoken aloud, even (and especially) while breathing through your nerves, fears, embarrassment. I know of no other human being like you- i hope you know—you really are, and have been such a gift to ME, god knows—– to my friends, and i really know this—for the world. and, i don’t ever hear your shakey, bobbling voice, not that it would matter to me– but so appreciate hearing about that part of you that exists…
    what i know is that you have changed my life tremendously, helped me clear a path in the most impossibly murky places i’ve ever been and given with such love, tenderness, generosity, and seemingly otherworldly ease– always, always guiding me to my inner peace and truths— like realigning my soul back on track and onward to it’s true and real desired destination.

    don’t ever, ever convert to one of those weird uber normal peeps::::::::i cherish you’re take on all exactly as is– all parts inclusive.

    and….just have to say, i have thoroughly loved & valued the podcasts i’ve been able to hear–they have been brilliant, funny, incredibly insightful (duh.), comforting, and like nuggets of free gold being thrown out into the airwaves.

    all my love and gratitude for what you give, what you do, and who you are—always.

  • Nicole

    Amy, My life has improved so exponentially since I had that talk with kayla and she told me what you do. It really started getting going when I got to sit down with you. You are so amazing that cooking for your family is actually a session, it’s nicole time. It’s like network therapy, I get it just by being in your house and thinking about you.
    Then there’s this massive bonus when I get to sit with you all!

    Your show is necessary.

    It’s important to you even though you hate it.

    It brave and essential.

    It needs to be one hour and once a week.

    All those nail on the head shows your talking about are that way. John Stewart has ten million people doing the work for him and so does Ira Glass. They both toil.
    We have to put on a fundraising show for you. A Show will go out to say when it will be. I will Organize it for/with you.
    Do the show for three more months. Then do another one hour state of the onion address. Ask for feedback and decide then whether to do it.
    I don’t know about how I can be helpful to you but I think I know about the things I need to know about to be helpful.
    Not so sure it’ll turn in to hot sex with a cute boy but we could have a little session on what I CAN do to help.

    Your brain is full enough with vital ideas for social change from within the family and that is too rare a thing not to be supported and made to flourish in whatever ways it can, whether it’s by your podcast or by any other ways that the ideas in there are let out to play.

    What you were doing in that one hour soooo didn’t seem weird to me, it, like your show, is essential and rad. Maybe I am the weird one, heh.


  • Amy, as you know, I love and cherish the podcast. I had to chuckle when you talked about “hitting the nail on the head” and how you think you don’t do it, and how Ira Glass (of “This American Life”) does. It’s like, “oh really, the most well respected national host in narrative radio over the last 15 years hits the nail the head more than you after 3 months? Shocker.” The funny thing is, I like both shows about equally. Oh, and I too would like them to be longer when the conversation demands it.

  • amychilds

    Okay fine, point taken.

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