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Happiness12: Doom and Gloom (Part Two)


As Jonathan (my son) said when he was tiny “What’s going on, and what’s the meaning of it?”  Or as Wade (one of today’s guests) wondered as a teen (and many times since) “What’s going ON here!?!?!”

It can be tremendously confusing – not to mention agonizing – to awaken to the reality that being a conscious human includes the conflicting extremes of pleasure and pain.  Is it possible to live peacefully with awareness of the paradox that life is both heaven and hell?

Don’t get your hopes up – I don’t have the answer.  Which is why my new year’s resolution for 2010 was to watch more TV.

Thank you Thor, Megan, Aven, Mara, Aron, Wade, Sarah, Jonathan, Bobby, Nicole and Sam for playing along with me, and for contributing your thoughts about and encouragement for this episode.  You’re squarely on your way to Tshirt glory!

Also many thanks to Ryan Tennis, Dan Tharp and Music Alley for today’s music.


8 comments to Happiness12: Doom and Gloom (Part Two)

  • baby:g

    i got the itunes feed thursday night before there was this #12 entry and i was like chomping on the bit to post comments about this wonderful episode but alas no blog to do it. i was gonna complain about that on the #11 entry but then i thought, my hardworking sister will get too it tomorrow and you can be patient for now.

    BUT HERE IT IS, #12 , so we can share love about this latest installment.

    but now i don’t remember all the amazing points i had to make, so lucky me i’m gonna have to go listen again.

    but one thing i remember for sure, and that is that i want a wadewam of my own one day, next to a whole bunch of wadewams in the forest by some mountains and a stream so we can all enjoy the gradient :o)

  • baby:g

    jsyk you can buy ‘Huddle Up and Hold On’ and other Ryan songs, for 99 cents each on amazon. :o)

  • NO joke. The following is a fact. Alfred Mergen, Wade’s gandfather, said to him in deathly dramatic old age, blindness, deafness, probably half naked and I quote, “Ya know, we’re all going to live in wadewams someday. end quote.

    Well, okay, I lied a small bit. Teepees, thats what he said. He was an ornery old son-of-a-gun. He was really good at making people feel bad, especially his kids(my aunts, uncles and father) about themselves and killing the planet. It’s okay though, now I exist and can make up for all that.

    Oh, woops, sorry, I almost forgot to mention, Non of it matters anyways.

    Anyways, maybe we could bring Alfred Mergen back to life for a Gloom and Doom(another oops) Doom and Gloom part 3. I owe it all to him after all. I can hear him wispering now, “It’s about darn time. Thanks Amy.”

  • Valerie

    Amy – just about to listen to Wade in Doom & Gloom, but read your intro – for TV watching I suggest Being Erica (actually, I watch on my computer on Hulu). Good message, good lessons.
    Please thank your group for me – I felt so welcomed when my son and I sat in last year while walking through Philly. Valerie
    “Do what you fear and the death of fear is certain.” –fortune cookie

  • If I were to make a point about humanity it would be this: first off, I don’t even know what that word means; and, secondly, a real danger lies in thinking that our culture is what defines humanity. It would be much more accurate to say that our culture defines what humanity on confusion and/or what humanity looks like when it thinks it possesses the knowledge of good and evil, a knowledge that is exclusively reserved for the gods. Remember that apple?

  • I was thinking on humanity some more. I’d say that the biggest danger is thinking that humanity is to blame and therefore there’s nothing we can actually do to save ourselves; and, the resignation that comes when one thinks we are fucked because humanity is flawed. You can see this perspective in Christianity and how it sees people as sinners. You can see this in the laws of our government in how it’s laws are established to protect ourselves from ourselves and each other.

    Here’s a quote(rough) from Vine Deloria, “When ecologist find a predictable lifespan of a generation separating us from total extinction, it would be to our great advantage to search for another interpretation of mankind’s life story.”

    If we are to talk about humanity, let us reflect on the fact that people as brilliant and feeling as us have been around for 300,000 years.

    Amy-I think it could well be worth making a distinction of the point I am making about ‘humanity’ in a future podcast. Also, I have not forgotten your suggestion to tell my story of the exploding strawberry and the 11-year-old boy’s question at the playground earlier this week.


  • and in the doom and gloom she has been teaching me things, i’m not sure what exactly yet. to wear and surround myself with red and to drink constant comet tea frequently :o)

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