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Consciousness21: Feelings 101


Sometimes we give feelings too much credit – either we think they’re super important, or super troublesome. Typically, girls think they’re important, and boys think they’re trouble.

I agree that they’re both – but actually, neither.  Of course.  (So helpful, Amy!)

Mostly I just had to post this podcast just to let y’all know that I’m still alive.   Thanks for caring.


Merci to Amy Regan for today’s closing tune, Carry On.

1 comment to Consciousness21: Feelings 101

  • Yay for me and my mom. On my suggestion we both listened to this pod-cast on our separate computers in our separate homes and had a phone conversation afterward. That we talked for 45 minutes is a credit to us and to Amy’s ability to say very keen things about life and people.

    My mom and I are familiar with a good bit of the thoughts and language used to talk about feelings, how to be with them and how to use and keep track of attention on feelings. That being said, all of what Amy says made tons of sense and easy to agree with.

    I love Amy’s simplicity. I love her ability to “talk down to us” in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I am a fool. I know I am a fool and I still need to be reminded about a lot of the most basic stuff. She is just so fun and lighthearted and easy to listen to. I love her. She is awesome!

    I guess the reason I am proud of my mom and I and really grateful for Amy’s show is we don’t always have something to talk about, my mom and I; after listening we had 45 minutes of continuous, engaged, courteous talking.

    One of the things the show reminded us of is how we can very easily lose attention for listening to people. While I think 10% to 50%(max) of that is my limited attention, the other 50% to 90% is that people talk way to much about their feelings and the crazy-ass stories they make up (myself included, not as much though, I like to tell myself).

    Anyway, that’s just one of my examples of how listening to Amy’s clear truth is so immediately eye-opening and validating. Over and over again she gently guilds me to see more of myself and others (so long as I hear her right). So, how’s this for a slogan: Making the world a smarter place, one podcast at a time.

    At the end of my talk with mom she said she would like to hear a show about listening to others, like how to make it useful instead of a complete waste of time. People can go on and on, they are not really present with me cause they haven’t noticed that I am totally bored and tormented. Iit’s really hard to stop them and when I do they get really mad like I owe them my attention. Then part of me starts thinking I am making things worse because they might have thought that my attention meant I agreed with their crazy stories. Like that. You know me and know that I have had training in these matters. All the same I would really love to hear what you would come up with for the world in a podcast about listening. Maybe that’s too large of a topic for one show. Sub-topics could include: listening to friends and loved ones; listening for feelings; listening for thoughts; street and bar listening; getting people to notice you are listening. I know RC has volumes on this. All the same it’s so much fun to hear it from you.