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Happiness25: Amy, Today


Today being September 22, 2010 – and Amy being Yours Truly.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been a bit too internally scattered to know much about who I am or what I think, so rather than trying to make something up that sounded good, I thought I’d just say a few words about who and what I am today (to the best of my ability, which I’m not claiming is much).

First I address a question I hear every now and then “How could I become a happiness consultant too?”

Then I mention the little stir I inadvertently caused by posting this on facebook for everyone to read (I meant it to be just for my kids), because it’s been on my mind, and because I think my solution of an “emotional reaction” button is a good one.

I round things out in the end by talking about my broken heart, my blown mind, and finish with another tear-jerker (at least, it jerked some tears out of me – though again, not saying much) from Bar Scott called Write Me a Love Letter.

C’est moi! (Aujourd’hui.)


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