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Happiness26:Redefining 'Family'


In that little box under his picture on facebook, Phil Crimmins says “Life is so fucking awesome!”  So of course I had to interview him (to the extent that the internet and skype gods would allow, which was unfortunately limited) to find out How come so you’re so goddam happy?!

Not surprisingly, the answer was in part “because I’ve been through hell….”

Phil talks about his quest for truth and healing (of both the inner and outer varieties), Aristotle, living in the present moment, leaving his family of origin and finding/creating a new family who love and support him in being who he truly is.

Come to think of it, that does sounds pretty fucking awesome.

You’ll hear Phil briefly refer to this study that suggests that therapy is up to 24 times more effective as a tool for happiness-boosting, than money is.  (As I’m sure you can imagine, I don’t believe a word of it!  Cuz let’s face it: without money, how ya gonna buy a Hummer!??!)  But go ahead, read the study if it makes you feel better.  Maybe there’s  something to it.


Today’s “closing hymn” is So Full by Jim Boggia.  Once when I saw Jim in concert he played one of those little kid rainbow-colored xylophones in a couple songs, which really made me like him.

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  • dave bockman

    I’m full of admiration for Phil, his hard work is a benchmark to which I can only hope to aspire. :o)