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Happiness27: Retreats


“Although it can be embarrassing and painful, it is very healing to stop hiding from yourself.” ~Pema Chodron

“Since you have to live in your own skin, you might as well feel at home in it!” ~Kara Tennis

One of the fastest ways to stop hiding from yourself is to stop doing everything else and just stare at yourself for a while.  That’s the kind of retreat I’m talking about in today’s show, and Pema is right about the embarrassing and painful parts, I s’pose I should warn you.

But it can be sweet and tender too, like holding a brand new baby, or going on a simple quiet honeymoon.  A worthy way to pass some time.

And maybe it has a little something to do with happiness, and feeling at home in your own skin.

And I do trust that if at all possible, you plan to be in attendance at Ryan Tennis’s Album Release Party this Saturday night, so I shan’t nag you ’bout it.

“TTFN – Ta Ta for now!” ~Tigger

“xo” ~Amy

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