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Happiness28: the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear


On October 30, 2010 (“a date of no significance whatsoever”), Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held a rally for sanity and/or fear.  I went because my kids wanted to go, Jon and Stephen wanted me to go, and because I hoped it would make me laugh.  Beyond those fine accomplishments we also enjoyed a warm fall day in DC, ate a picnic, found food for thought, and got to wear our new WWA shirts all around town!

rally for sanity and/or fear

Chicks... or death? Ummmm Chicks please!

rally for sanity and/or fear

You come here often?

Thanks to The Wood Brothers for the musical chocolatey treat at the end of today’s show.

And thanks to all the funny people in the world.  I need you.


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