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Happiness34: Daniel on the True Self


In today’s show Daniel defines the True Self as: Who we really are as a person, the real honest core,  the essence of what makes us human, the part of us that is perfect, beneath all the traumas (all the hurt, wounds, rage, anger, frustrations, dissociation, fake happiness, projections, fantasies), the part that is connected to truth and knows truth.

When asked, How does one find one’s true self?  he said: Be as honest with yourself as you possibly can be.

Kinda really simple, and kinda really really really hard.

Daniel also lists several things you can do to connect with your true self (apparently the same thing as “self-therapy,” I realized today). If you want to see some of those ideas in black and white, here is an essay Daniel wrote on the subject.

I also recommend his little book on self-therapy (written with his best friend Fred, who I can testify is also a rare (and delightful) soul.) Even though it’s only 44 pages, I recommend taking a year to read it, because it’s not the reading that matters – it’s the actual doing that makes the difference.

So many people claim to know the secrets to being “happy, healthy and wise.” From where I’m sitting, it seems the only place you’ll ever really find those secrets are buried deep inside you.

So how ’bout go on in there, pull up a comfy chair with yourself, and stay awhile.


2 comments to Happiness34: Daniel on the True Self

  • Erica

    I liked this one too. A lot. My one question would be: do you think that masturbation/sex is neccesarily unhealthy/disturbed? From the mouth of someone else, that can be a pretty harmful sentiment, and one that is pretty popular at the moment.

  • Paul

    I don’t think I’m being true to myself or fair to Daniel in my comments about him because I am quantitively giving much more to the negative than the positive. So, I’d like to say that I really like Daniel’s stuff and I’m so pleased he is enriching the world the way he is.

    But I think I’ve come to something more essential about what it is I don’t like about Daniel’s stuff, and in a way this dislike is of mine is of the same nature as something of Daniel’s ‘highest principles’ (for want of a less dogmatic term). Basically, the way I see it just now, it is in the nature of the universe and therefore the human spirit to be unlimited and so any version of things that COMES ACROSS (not necessarily inherent in the version), however minutely, as attempting to contain this unlimitedness, is met with a loud F**K YOU! To me it seems that this is the same response that Daniel has to any attempt by his parents or society to try and coerce, change, contain him.

    So, perhaps I really like Daniel in as far as his F*CK YOU resonates with my F*CK YOU, and perhaps I say F*CK you to Daniel to the extent that he COMES ACROSS as trying to contain, coerce, change and limit me.

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