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Happiness35: Daniel vs. Amy


I chose the title for today’s episode with hopes that you would think it was funny. (Did you?)

What I’m trying to do in this and the next three shows (C35, S35, P35) is to pick at Daniel a little bit, in search for an explanation of why I feel such a gap between the way I am and the way Daniel is – even though I don’t quite disagree with a word he says.

So far, I haven’t gotten to it.  But today’s show is my first stab, for what it’s worth.

We also touch on various topics along the way, including objective truth, black and white thinking, our similar and dissimilar goals, and being a ‘Denial Buster.’

Today Daniel said “Ultimately, the real objective answer comes from within… because we are all perfect deep inside, we all know the truth deep inside.”  I’m going to be pondering that one for a good long while.

Another thing he said was “Just test it for yourself!”

And for that I’ll give him an Amen.

8 comments to Happiness35: Daniel vs. Amy

  • Alice Klein

    “if I have to give up my point of view to connect with them, I don’t like that…” Daniel

    It’s points and thoughts like this that make me love and soooo appreciate Daniel. And it makes me feel less alone cause I have also stopped giving up myself to be able to supposedly connect with people. Yes it can be lonely and gets lonelier and lonelier the more I go in the direction of my truths. BUT heck I can’t go back to the way I was in the past, I can’t, or I won’t. My good health and the ‘being’ that lives inside of me that is me true self won’t accept anything less!

  • Nick

    I think the basic difference would revolve around certainty.

    I have really enjoyed these podcasts…thanks!

  • “the real objective answer comes from within” from Daniel – I can agree with that because I have to live with myself 24/7 so my opinion of me matters more than anyone else’s. However it has taken me 58yrs to get to this place. And I’m a mum and granny (grandmother). I also have the “don’t give a s***” attitude regarding people’s opinion of me, if I think that I have done the best I could. But my children are grown up now, in their 20’s and 30’s, and as a granny I am not directly concerned with their upbringing, so I am now free of the nurturing role, and past the menopause – joy! I think it’s not easy for women so well done to you Amy for bringing Happiness to folks!

  • Julia

    Enjoying and being challenged by all of these! With respect to Amy vs. Daniel’s style; I greatly appreciate Amy’s kind presentation and gentle approach. Recognizing your childhood traumas and understanding how “damaged” you are can lead to a sense of guilt, grief etc. Hearing the nasty truth gently and lovingly presented seems closer to my truth. Compassion is never over-rated. There’s definitely no right or wrong to how compassionately you present. It’s just speaks to style, audience and intent.
    I think Nick’s on to something.

  • I think that the process of growing has a cycle that goes between breaking down everything and then building it back up. You need both.

  • So to expand on that, in order to grow we need two things. Truth and connection. Truth breaks things apart and then connection reforms them. With just truth and no connection you never get anywhere, you just spin through theoretical worlds of craziness forever. With connection you get reality, you get existence, you get application of truth.

    Daniel is more inclined towards truth, amy to connection.

  • PS and with no truth and only connection you get really surface, confused stagnation

  • C

    Amy, why is it important to fill the gaps between Daniel & you? There is no right or wrong in this, just a different way of looking at things & follow through. Both serves a purpose. One way would work or one person, another way for another. Remember what one believes to be ‘ correct ‘ today changes with time & experience. Just follow your own path, what’s right for you now & it will bring great happiness.
    20 years from now you will listen to this & really laugh out loud.

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