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Happiness4: Truth-Telling (part II)


Telling the truth is great and all, but…

- “you have to be careful…”

- “I don’t want to…”

- “people will be mad…”

- “it will change my life forever…”

That’s the kind of stuff we talk about in this episode, the “yeah but”s.

Also, as you will hear, there’s a little bit of “Uh oh, someone let Amy play with the sound effects” going on in here.  Thanks for humoring me.

2 comments to Happiness4: Truth-Telling (part II)

  • Johanna Gusman

    this was a beautiful and extremely helpful podcast Amy! you are doing wonderful things, more than you know :)

  • amychilds

    Thank you Johanna- It feels great to know you’re off doing amazing things and still finding time to listen and to let us know. xoxo