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Happiness7: More About the 12 Steps


In last week’s Consciousness podcast we talked about the challenges of questioning or leaving a 12 Step program that felt like a life-saver in the past.

Today we welcome Megan back to talk more about the 12 Steps themselves – addressing the concepts of “powerlessness,” “higher powers” and “character defects.”  (Hint: I come out in favor of only one of these… can you guess which one?)

And for the cherry on top, we are treated to the section of Kara’s book entitled Thirteen Steps to Feeling More Whole (You can’t possibly do them wrong).

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    Step 2 reads “Came to believe that a POWER GREATER THAN OURSELVES could restore us to sanity.
    Nowhere in the AA book does it mention higher power, there is a chapter entitled Spiritual Experience which defines Spiritual Experience as a personality change sufficient to recover from addiction, it also includes the following statement “our members find they have discovered an unsuspected INNER RESOURCE, our more religious members may call this god.