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Happiness8: My Mom


Before we go any further, let’s pause to give my mom a round of applause for successfully answering the skype call and not hanging up during the whole interview.  <cheers>

Hopefully this is only the first of many appearances made by my beloved mother on our podcast.  Today she talks about many things including truth-telling (without tipping her hand too much about her savvy pretending skills), her thoughts about happiness, and the ongoing disagreement we have about unlimited ice-cream eating in one’s old age.

You’ll notice that my brother Michael pays a surprise visit somewhere in the middle there.  Don’t mind him,  he’s harmless.

Oh I love my mommy.  I hope you do too.


My adorable mom

My adorable mom

2 comments to Happiness8: My Mom

  • amychilds

    Good news for my mom! Although Kayla (one of my daughters) firmly agrees with me about the “unlimited ice cream” issue, Jonathan and Nikiah (my other two children) come down squarely on Gramma’s side, and have offered to only allow her a “small portion of dessert, after a nutritious meal” in her old age. Score for the matriarch!

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