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Happiness9: Amy's Turn


I’m not sure if it makes any sense to have a show “about Amy” – aren’t all the shows about me?  Or something like that?

Oh well… that’s just kinda how it came out today.  What I can’t believe is that I forgot to take the opportunity to brag about my new unschooling website that I built all by myself!

Speaking of which, now that I’m a web designer and all, this afternoon I got out my crayons and made a cute little temporary website for my little “podcast lite” (as Kara calls it) –   My Love Affair With Philly – coming soon to an iPod near you!

At the end of today’s ‘cast we’re treated to a new song by Carsie Blanton “Love Is All…” that she wrote after being a guest on the show a few weeks back.  I like it.

Okay I guess that’s it for now.  Happy February!


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