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P37: Careening Toward the Cliff


Daniel is about to go off traveling again, and so am I – so it was a lucky thing that we found a time to record this final episode of Season Six – in spite of noisy NYC construction and a sketchy skype connection.

In today’s conversation Daniel talks about what motivates people to grow, the evolution of humanity, what parents can do when they see their mistakes, and why he might sound upset when he’s in a car careering toward a cliff.

Although Daniel and I don’t always see or articulate things in the same way, I am so grateful for the courageous work he has done and continues to do – not only for himself, but for the planet, for the world’s children and for the child inside each one of us.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who’ve listened to all 16 episodes of this Season Six.  I commend you for taking the time to hear, think, talk and breathe about so many painful and challenging ideas.  I’m pretty sure it hasn’t always been easy for any of us.

I don’t usually know what the point of this podcast is, but I sometimes have a bit of hope that it might somehow help the world come closer to being a safe, nurturing and supportive place in which human beings can thrive.  I don’t know how these things work, but I s’pose a girl can always dream.   Thanks for being a part of that journey.


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  • Derek Vernon Smith

    Nice chat. Speaking as a parent who has recognised – and is still uncovering – the terrible parenting I inflicted on my daughter, I would never say I should never have fathered her. I think that would be terrible and abusive. She is in the world now and her precious life is of enormous value (and I am not speaking of any benefits that might accrue to me – she is a free agent and can associate with me freely or ostracise me, I will support her as best as I am able and expect nothing, zero, zilch in return). It is a fact – and certainly not one that in any way absolves parents from their misdeeds – that many harmed children grow to do much good in the world. Daniel is a case in point, Stefan Molyneux is another, and there are innumerable further examples. So I join with Daniel in calling for child-centred parenting, openness about the misdeeds of parents, and so forth, but not with his disavowal of the cycle of birth and life. That position is a formative contradiction because were it applied with rigour he would not have been able to engage in his teaching and extend his healing perspective to the world.

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