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P38: Kara Helps Me Talk About My Year Off (and other things)


In what may be my last podcast for a while, we have not only the wonderful Kara Tennis joining me today but another special guest too – but you’ll have to listen (very carefully) if you want to hear anything she has to say.

After an important discussion about wrinkles, the conversation turned to more frivolous things like the one thing that all people can (and I wish they would, repeatedly) say to their parents: “It’s not my job to make you feel better.”

And other things.

And then I play a song by Tom Chapin that always, always, always makes me cry.


2 comments to P38: Kara Helps Me Talk About My Year Off (and other things)

  • AF

    Oh no! So sad to hear this might be the last podcast for a while! What will I do? Amy, I do not even know you, but your podcasts have helped me and have put a smile on my face and some great thoughts in my head. Recently, I was thanking you in my head for remembering how difficult it is to have young children. Mine are 3, and 5 months old. Your words of wisdom have been a big help and pleasure to me ever since season 1. I have not even have time to finish listening to this podcast yet, but I had 2seconds to write. So, if this is the last one for a while, good luck to you and mostly, thank you! I will be looking forward to the return of the podcasts.

  • Tom

    Awesome podcast — I learned a lot! But the musical finale — mindblowing. Sounds like my upbringing distilled into a catchy tune. :(

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