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Parenting1: Attachment Parenting Bites


I gave this podcast a more socially genteel official title ( “Attachment Parenting is Hard” ) but I wanted to call it “Attachment Parenting Sucks Ass!”  Not because it really does, but because I thought it would be funny.  Then I thought of “Attachment Parenting Blows.”  Next was “Attachment Parenting Is For The Birds” but that was clearly wrong so I changed it to “Attachment Parenting is For The Monkeys” but by this point it seemed like I was really wandering too far from home.

Anyway… you get the point.

Which is not to say I’m against natural homebirths, breastfeeding on demand, co-sleeping, unschooling and baby-wearing, because I ain’t.  That stuff is the salvation of the human race, if you ask me.

But that don’t make it easy.

6 comments to Parenting1: Attachment Parenting Bites

  • Megan Odhner

    This podcast made me laugh and cry. Laugh, because I am the mom with the snot-rag kid, and cry because it’s all so true. I have 4 remarkable children under 4, who are all doing an amazing job of navigating this sucky world where they have very little say in what happens to them, can barely speak up for themselves, and have a mom who is busting her ass to do her pathetic best to parent them but is often really angry and stressed.
    I found this podcast really validating and actually inspiring. I need the frequent reminder that yes, this is hard and it’s not because I suck, and yes, it’s incredibly importent. I loved the image of the stunted sycamore tree. I also plan to homeschool. I feel privilaged to have the opportunity to raise my children at least somewhat outside of the box that our society can put us in. I am fascinated by the possibilities. I agree that community is the only way to make this life bearable. I have found some, and am always on the look out for more. This podcast is a huge gift to me.

  • Anna

    Hmm… I think I’ll keep this podcast forever and listen to it at least once a week for the next 18-20 years. (I’m Kara’s daughter, giving birth in February.) I *loved* it! Right on with the advice about finding community – I just want to mention aloud the word “cohousing,” (google it) because it’s a form of community living that can be very normal/mainstream and doesn’t require you to dress in hemp and sing rainbow songs all day.

    At the moment I’m re-discovering that living with *other* people’s children can be hard – the fabulous three-year-old who just moved in with his mom is very exploratory and not super-verbal yet, and I’m figuring out how to keep lotion in its bottle and scissors in the drawer and pins on the little magnetic thing. It’s pretty frustrating sometimes.

    And Megan – I love you and really wish we lived closer and could hang out more/live together! XOXOXO!

  • I listened to this and thought “I really want to have a kid!” Which I know is not what it was supposed to make me think.

  • amychilds

    Oh dear… perhaps my next podcast topic should be “Kayla shouldn’t have a kid.”

    (Except it would be so cute, and you’d be such a good mom! But don’t read that.)


  • Kim

    Thanks for this great podcast – this is the second time I’ve listened to it and both times have been like a breath of fresh air :)

  • Mandi

    Thank you so much for this podcast. I try to practice attachment parenting, but I was raised quite differently, so I slip up a lot. Today has been particularly challenging and I was tempted to give up and buy into the whole mainstream philosophy, including spanking. I Googled “attachment parenting sucks” and found this, fortunately. Thanks for reassuring me that it’s not me and that attachment parenting is what I should be doing.