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Parenting2: I Heart Teens


I could be accused of being too cynical in recent podcasts – today I could be accused of being too sunny and enthusiastic.

Maybe I’m just lucky, maybe my kids really are freaks of nature.¬† Maybe most teens really are annoying and difficult, and it just so happens that my kids – and their friends – and all the other teens I’ve hung around – all just so happen to be the really rare, really awesome ones.

Or maybe adolescents actually ARE the best specimens of fresh clear humanity we got goin’ on… and maybe it would behoove us all to start seeing them¬† that way.

3 comments to Parenting2: I Heart Teens

  • Thor

    Very helpful and inspiring (although I’ve got almost a decade before I’ll be parenting teens).

    I seems to me that a great deal of your advice on how to parent teens essentially comes down to conducting yourself as you would in any healthy human relationship with a loved one who is an adult — especially one that you want to support in some way. And I think that’s certainly appropriate, given all of the really sad ways we tend to stifle, shame, control, fear, etc. teens (and humans in general). But it does make me wonder what the differences would be… if we were to make a list of the exceptions to the “you should treat teens the way you should treat adults” rule, what would be on it? Anything?

    As a current parent of little ones, I’m also very interested in what your answers would be to the question above if we replaced “teens” with “children” (my guess is that the list for children would have to be considerably longer than the list for teens) but I don’t want to stray too far from the topic at hand.


  • amychilds

    Great questions Thor. I will ponder, and make this the subject of an upcoming podcast.

  • Anna

    Good question, Thor. Not only am I going to be having my own child soon, but I’m housemates with a three-year-old boy – and I am always wanting to check out ways to be with small people that feel good to me. A lot of the interactions I see around me, and some of the knee-jerk ones I have myself, don’t feel so good – draining, pointless, ineffectual, not respectful. Do a podcast on this, Amy!