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Parenting20: Before You Have Kids


I’d be better able to introduce this episode if I’d ever heard it, but alas and alak, no such luck.  I recorded my ramble a few weeks ago, Jonathan added some things (I wonder what?), and now here it is! I heard through the grapevine that Ryan Tennis might make an appearance, let’s hope the rumors are true.  I recall that my original plan for the show was to address all my listeners who listen to the parenting podcast even though they don’t have children.  Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess what I might have said.

As you can see, Season Four has its own little touch of chaos…. maybe we’ll all grow to like it that way.  Or maybe someday I’ll have my shit together.   But no promises.

I do know I owe Chris Kasper a dose of thanks for letting me play his song And You Wait on today’s show.  Thanks man.

Happy listening ~ Amy

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