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Parenting21: ESS While Parenting Young Children (or... not?)


ESS stands for “Essential Self School” which is something I invented for myself almost a decade ago when I wanted to structure my life in a radically different way in order to learn about the workings of my inner self.  My children were 8, 10 and 13 at the time – old enough to find food when they were hungry, to use a telephone, to buckle their own seat belts, and to mostly be the bosses of their own lives.  So if I had to take a month (or 12) from worrying about their basic safety in order to “find myself,” it wasn’t too much of a risk, and I was pretty good to go.

Parents of small children who hear about ESS have often wondered – Hey! How do I get ME a piece of that?!

In today’s episode, I answer that question, but here’s a hint: step one is “wait several more years.”

Thanks Ryan Tennis, my WWA music guy, for sharing his tune Seventeen Years with us today.  And by the way, if you’re a musician and you have something you’d like to hear on the show, contact Ryan and he’ll see about hooking you up.


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