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Parenting24: Rethinking Everything and Saying Yes


Today’s guest is Barb Lundgren, founder and director of the international Rethinking Everything Conference ,  publisher of Rethinking Everything Magazine, and extremely happy mother of three self-directed learners who are now in their 20s.  She says lots of insightful things in this interview, such as “Being a conscious intelligent resourceful loving unconditionally supportive parent is a very challenging job in Western civilization,” and “the goal is to get to yes.”  But don’t take my word for it – listen for yourself.  You’ll see.

The song that popped into my mind to play at the end of the episode is by Bar Scott (written long before she became a mother), and not until after I’d gotten it firmly stuck in my head did I remember that her son Forrest died before he turned four.  Since then it’s been a weepy evening, but worth it.


A Mother’s Legacy

Listen, my son
Your life is all that I can give
If I could, I’d teach you all that I have learned
Go and err
And know my love 

Know my love is in your heart

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