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Parenting30: Nicole Asks Me Some Questions


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It was when I got a text from Nicole Martin that asked “Were you always the way you are?” that the idea for Season 5 was born.  Although I did my best to answer her questions (like “What were you like when you were tiny?”) I’m not sure if I really got to her main question, of how I got to be “this way.”  Oh well, we had fun anyway (y’know, that laughing/crying sort of fun….)

nikiah's bday

Nicole's food makes every day a special day

On Nikiah’s 17th birthday Kayla’s camera took some crazy pictures. This is kind of what my kitchen is like when Nicole is around, a colorful surprising chaotic beauty.


let the good times roll

2 comments to Parenting30: Nicole Asks Me Some Questions

  • I can’t even imagine having so many memories! I must have gotten grandma’s continually cleared slate gene, and honestly, I gotta say, it’s not a bad way to be. Although it does result in less stories :/

  • kara tennis

    I think that the part where Nicole gently probes about friendships is telling and very touching.