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Parenting32: Meryl Asks Me Some Questions


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Meryl and I have known each other since 5th grade and have had many (MANY) good times together since then.

<pause as I stare off dreamily remembering so many good times…>

Not to mention Meryl’s grandmother and my great-grandmother were cousins.  Pretty sweet.

But so anyway! Today Meryl asked me about really trusting children, watching TV, how to help kids with their feelings and what to do about siblings who bug each other.

Devon Sproule (who I called a “Philly favorite” because everyone in Philly loves her – but she lives in Virginia) graces us with the closing number today, Stop By Anytime.

So, that’s a big “ta da” for Season 5, wonder what we’ll come up with next?…..

‘Till then – xoAmy

Meryl's Grandmother and Amy's Great-Grandmother

Meryl's Grandmother and Amy's Great-Grandmother

Amy and Meryl and other 7th grade girls at the mountains

1 comment to Parenting32: Meryl Asks Me Some Questions

  • kara tennis

    There’s so much good pithy and practical stuff here. Your way of talking about parenting always sheds light on humanness in general and trust in particular.

    The issue of pressuring children to release their difficult feelings when they are inclined not to is dear to my heart, in that i now feel very strongly that that practice is likely to be abusive and disrespectful. Thanks for bringing it up, Meryl. The one of our sons who had the strongest iron-willed resistance to “sessions” is phenomenally efficient as a young man at crying (or whatever) when he wants to.

    I’m so glad to no longer be parenting young kids, and so grateful that others after me are doing a way more conscious job of it.

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