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Parenting4: Treat Kids Like Adults EXCEPT....


Today we answer the question that Thor asked a couple weeks ago:

“… if we were to make a list of the exceptions to the “you should treat teens the way you should treat adults” rule, what would be on it? Anything?”

Excellent question – I hope the answer does it justice.

PS I mention that I was the “expert guest” on a live radio show yesterday.  If you want to listen to the recording of it, here’s a link. [oops – she gave me a broken link, stay tuned.]

Happy parenting!

(Which makes me think – golly- I should have done a show “managing the inevitable parenting aggravations of the holiday season” but I didn’t think of it until 45 seconds ago.  Well, just hold on to your hats for 350 days and I’ll get to it, I swear.  In the meantime here’s the punch line: you can’t win, so try not to try.  They’re going to get the throw ups, wake up in a bad mood, and be dissastified with their presents. Maybe some gin in the cider will help.  Happy holidays!)

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