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Parenting7: Mother Daughter and Gulpy


Can you believe that Kara is going to be a Grandmother?…?… Well it’s true.  Any day now.

And right here in the thick of the countdown, the pregnant daughter – Anna Tennis – joins us on today’s show to talk about “little bits of nothing much in particular.”

Topics covered include being (and caring for) a “highly sensitive person,” the joys and heartbreaks of marriage and divorce, the fears that Kara had of doing the wrong thing as a parent, and the delights having an awesome partner (yo Paul!).

By the time you read this, Anna might have pushed a new person out into the world.  Golll-Ly!


2 comments to Parenting7: Mother Daughter and Gulpy

  • I also listened to the ones w/ Anna and Carsie today and enjoyed them immensely. And let me add that when Anna told me about her plans for diaper-less child rearing (ha!) it was impossible for me to pass up on making a comment…I think I let her off easy; all I said was “Hey it’s your carpet, not mine.”

    I think in a way I bribe my 39-year-old drummer, Lenny, to play reggae, which he hates, by getting him his free beers at the bar (sometimes it’s slightly uncomfortable to ask the repeatedly request comp’d beers from the manager).

  • Anna

    You definitely did let me off easy, Bron. :-) And I don’t have any carpet.