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Sex&Love24: Good Sex in Bad Relationships


What the what? Good sex in a bad relationship? Impossible!  Say it ain’t so… please?

Sorry folks, not only is it possible, it happens all the goddam motherfucking time.  (Or is it just me?  Maybe we can hope.)

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I think I need to go get drunk now.


6 comments to Sex&Love24: Good Sex in Bad Relationships

  • Thor Odhner

    Good stuff.

    I managed to make it past the part where you said, “Fuck you. I don’t care about you.” to people like me, and keep listening :)

  • amychilds

    hahaaha! That is so funny especially because you and Megan are THE EXACT people who came to mind when I said that.

    Usually I care a lot about you guys, just not today. You don’t need me… just go off somewhere and be happy in private, wouldja???



  • Thor Odhner

    I’m pretty sure I can do the happy thing. Private? That depends on the kids and/or what’s sexy at the time.

  • Thor Odhner

    Also, Megan just reminded me that you can keep your “Fuck You” ’cause we’ve got plenty.

  • Thor Odhner

    Also, you should do a podcast about “Good Sex in Band Relationships” because I hear there’s a lot of that too.

  • Erica

    Hi Amy! I don’t actually know you personally but I found your website through various facebook friends. I’ve been listening ravenously for the past day and a half – I love it!

    In terms of this podcast (and warning, this is probably going to sound pretty strange) it describes pretty profoundly how I feel about my previous relationship with what I thought of as God. There was a great spiritual high, it was such a rush and felt so much like what a healthy spiritual life *should* feel like, that for a long time I didn’t recognize anything was wrong. Clearly if anything was wrong that was something else and didn’t mean anything was actually fundamentally wrong with what I was believing. No matter how many passing moments of these blissful highs I had, after those fleeing moments no needs were met. Often wounds were just reopened. Thrilling, sure, but healthy?

    Now that I have recognized the pain I was putting myself through my mental life isn’t as glamorous, but goodness is it more stable, self-sufficient, happy, and healthy.

    Obviously the two are very different, but it really struck me to heart, so I thought I’d let you know. Sorry for the essay of a comment!